Studio Boise

Studio Features

I’m a member of Studio Boise Photography Center, a locally-owned facility off Emerald Street in Boise that specifically caters to photographers. This allows me to provide my clients with access to three beautiful studio spaces, each of which can be staged as needed and customized with a variety of backdrop colors, lights and modifiers, and props. The studio also has a lovely makeup room and plenty of space to accommodate clothing racks and additional props.

Going for a more natural look? Want an urban setting? I’m always available for location shoots, and can shoot in both natural light or with a pair of Profoto B1s to achieve that perfect, professionally-lit look.

If you’d like to find out more about the studio space, or want to discuss a project, please contact my directly. I pride myself on my responsiveness and will usually get back within an hour. Want to check out some examples of studio shoots I’ve done? Head over to my gallery of latest posts!

Studio Location

4619 Emerald St. Suite 106
Boise, ID 83706
United States

Studio Reservations
Open by appointment - 24/7 availability. 

Studio & Makeup Room Images

Photo Credit: Studio Boise